Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving time

When I started this sideshow it was merely meant to be a forum for me to express my thoughts on the Brewers World Series title historic season. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the amount of page views and positive comments I received from all across these interwebz.

First of all I must thank each and every one of you that have wasted your time reading my nonsense. Whether you were interested in getting stats shoved down your throat or the fictional webversations if you're reading this, thank you.

That being said, we have an issue here.  "Brewers in 11" was a title for a reason.  All I wanted was somewhere to dump whatever feelings I had, whether anyone else cared or not.

Then this thing kind of exploded.

I started posting it to facebook and twitter and somehow Brew Crew Ball got wind of it.  Thousands of page views later I have a dilemma.

In case you don't own a calendar (me neither) or a tv or a phone or have any contact with any humans it is now 2012, you know when the world is going to end so it's time get to get moving.

"Brewers in 11" is kinda dead, honestly I never planned on this making it to a second season.

So if we're going to keep this going we probably have to come up with a new title.

The contenders:

"Brewers in 12"  meh, and unless I stop caring we'll run into this same problem a year from now

"Brewers forever"  kinda cheesy, but won't have to change it

"Brewers in my pants"  ok, no

"Brewers in Iowa" I'd be committed to living here, I don't wanna be tied down!!!

"Brewers sitting on a tropical beach on a Caribbean island drinking strawberry daiquiri's watching girls in bikinis" 1. wishful thinking, 2. kinda long

"Heil Brewers"  kinda offensive

"Jeff Suppan fan club"  probably taken

"Who gave Ryan Braun the herp"  too soon

"Ken Macha: asleep or dead, you decide"

I'm way off the beaten path now, this is officially the last post here.  I'm moving my Brewers stuff to a name I stole from my fantasy baseball team.  Ladies and gentelmen set your bookmarks/blocked sites to Just Here For The Sausage Race or JHFTSR for short (ok that really isn't that memorable just bookmark it or wait for me to tweet or facebook it).

Here is your welcome post enjoy!!




Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

oh no oh noooooo

Oh wow this is probably the worst news I've had to hear minus a death notice.

Ryan Braun fails drug test



This made me want to throw up.  I really hope this ends up not being true.  Ryan Braun is the face of the Brewers for the next 10 years at least.  He's on both of my player shirts, one of which I was wearing when I got hit by the steel chair by the ESPN report.


If this turns out to be true, I'm not sure how we deal with this. 




yeah I'm just opening myself up to stalkers I know

*crosses fingers*

Thursday, December 8, 2011

K-Rod accepts arbitration, the Simpsons react

Ok, so Doug Melvin's gamble of offering Francisco Rodriguez arbritration didn't exactly work out as he kind of accepted it instead of looking for an actual closer job and a multi-year contract elsewhere.

$15 million for a set up guy....awesome!!

Let's get the public's reactions via Simpsons clips...why?? why not??

The part of K-Rod will be played by Christiano Ronaldo:

Brewers fans reactions:

Doug Melvin:

Melvin gets the news:

Attanasio gets the news:

reactions from around MLB:

Yuni checks in:




yeah I'm just opening myself up to stalkers I know

*crosses fingers*

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Brewers in internet memes

We're taking a break from the offseason stat analysis (will return next week) in favor of stupid internet humor.


(**remember anything thrown at your computer will not actually hit me)

confused?? or just want more memes

or make your own and send it to me, I'll add it




yeah I'm just opening myself up to stalkers I know

*crosses fingers*

Monday, November 21, 2011

More numbers and historical comparisons

Want more statistical comparisons??  Of course you do.

This time we're taking career numbers (Brewers career numbers, that is) and comparing what they would average out to every 162 games.

These are raw numbers, 1 AB and you qualify.

you can see all the numbers here

Ready?? Go.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Introducing Dale Sveum

In my long-standing tradition (like a month or so) of over-analyzing important press conferences (see Doug Melvin Theo Epstein and MIke Matheny) today we turn to former Brewers hitting coach/interim manager Dale Sveum.

This should be fun

Dale Sveum is managing the Cubs!!

I was going to write about this but didn't have time and then Miller Park Drunk pretty much nailed it so I didn't have to, thanks!!

Never forget 1987




yeah I'm just opening myself up to stalkers I know

*crosses fingers*

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Statistical oddities in baseball history

If you've been a regular to my little slice of the internet here you know I love working with numbers.  Looking for material for my newest hobby making sporcle quizzes I got a bit distracted and found some fun numbers.

Davy Force had 1 career home run in 4406 plate appearances (or 4407, Baseball Reference and Fangraphs have different numbers).  Pete Rose had 15861 plate appearances.  If Force had made it to Rose's number he would have had 3.6 HR's.  Force was listed at 5' 4" 130 lbs, not surprising he wasn't a power hitter.  If Barry Bonds had made it to 15861 PA's he would have had 959 HR's.