Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Around the infield episode 4

When we last left our light hitting infielders they had sold their soul to the ghost of Craig Counsell.

Having used up all the magic Counsell had given to them the gang has struggled ever since.

Scene: Miller Park parking lot late after Saturday night's game....

This stinks, ever since Counsell got his hit we've been horrible

Yeah this is terrible, I don't know how much more of this I can take

We need to do something to get back that month that we weren't terrible

We need to recover that magic we had back then...but how

I think I know, we just need to find him again

Ooh, how can I help??

Who are you??

Josh Wilson!!! I hate you guys.

Who was that, and why did he run away crying??

Some clubhouse attendant I think, anywho

We must find Counsell and get our powers back

Right, where's his car??

What does he drive??

No idea

Me neither, I assume it's a minivan or a station wagon

Good call...wait look over in the shadows...

Ooooooh, that has to be him

Let's sneak up on him



Aw crap you aren't Counsell

Who are you guys??

Uh oh

I need an adult!!

Crap, let's get out of here!!

Nice work kid, here's your $5

I want $20

We agreed on $5

I want $20!!


And stop sucking, everyone thinks you're a loser

*Runs off crying*

Who are you??

Josh Wilson!!!!

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