Thursday, September 1, 2011

Googling the Astros

 The Cardinals series preview according to Google was quite popular, let's look at the Astros.

*looks at Astros lineup*


Anyway, let's get this train wreck started.

We'll start with manager Brad Mills:

 is not the even first search result for Brad Mills....
we're off to a good start 

Catcher Humberto Quintero:

Don't question me, he's a baseball player!!

First baseman Brett Wallace:

 Ok, apparently has been in AAA for a month
First baseman Carlos Lee:

At least they found someone to take Wallace's place

Second baseman Jose Altuve:

At least Google has heard of him

Shortstop Angel Sanchez:

A dress designer

LF J. D. Martinez:

SP J.A. Happ:

well that.....well...isn't good

SP Brett Myers:

Moving along

SP Wandy Rodriguez:

probably not as fun as this island

And finally the city of Houston:

We'll call it a toss-up

Until next time

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