Monday, October 10, 2011

Around the infield episode 5

When we last left our loveable gang of do-nothing infielders they were trying to get their mojo back.

Scene1: Miller Park locker room after the regular season finale

good job this season guys, we'll get things turned around in the playoffs

good night Casey, see you Game 1

Yep, see you guys

Who are you??

aw, screw you guys....losers

Hey guys

oh, hi Jerry...later guys

that was weird...what's his problem??

who knows, I'm out


sup Jerry, everyone else leave??

looks like it

dang, I was hoping to hang out and watch a movie or something

well I'm not doing anything

cool, you go to Blockbuster and rent a DVD and meet me back at my place


haha, just kidding...remember Blockbuster??

lol, remember 2007

omg, hahahaha good one

just come on over, I have an idea

ok, see you there

*fast forward any potential traffic to casa de Yuni*

Scene 2: back at Yuni's place

ok, what do you have in mind

the other guys keep doing that arm thing from that movie, beef mode

uh, you mean beast mode??

really?? I was kinda hoping for a nice steak with our movie

we can still have the steaks, but the movie is Monsters, Inc

oh...well let's have some steaks and watch it




I think we established that

I think we're ready

let's do this

Scene 3: Ron Roenicke's office before Game 1

Hey skip, can we talk??

ugh...I mean come on in Yuni

We get it now!!

Who is we, and what do you get??

Me and Jerry, we're on board with beef mode!!

You mean beast mode??

Right, sorry...Jerry and I had some awesome steaks.....nevermind that, we're on board put us in the lineup together and you won't regret it

You wanted to see me Mr. Roenicke??

Yeah, we're going with Taylor Green instead of you on the playoff roster

I hate this team

Who are you?? Beat it, so what do you say skip

You've been pretty bad this season, why do you get it now??

Beef mode!!

apologies for being late, Yuni means beast mode. We watched the movie and we totally get it now

I'll consider it....did either of you bring a sample of said steaks?? I'm kind of hungry now

sure did!!

*pulls steak out of pocket*


so what do you say, give us a shot??

well, I guess I really don't have anything to guys are in

Yes, you won't regret it

totally won't regret it

hey skip I got a quest......uh what's going on here??

have a seat Casey

no way, I know where that leads

ok, well either way Jerry and Yuni have made a strong case to be starting infielders in the playoffs

so where does that leave me??


oh...I see

sorry Casey, if these guys struggle you'll be right back in there

*commence playoffs
*Hairston .400/.440/.550
*Yuni .318/.348/.636

so I'm probably not starting anymore huh??

I'm going with no

told ya, beef mode!!

beef mode indeed

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