Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why the Brewers are hot all of a sudden

5 wins in a row on the road.

13-1 in their last 14.

So what turned this team around?? Better starting pitching?? Better defense?? Improved base running?? Counsell finally gets a hit??


Two words: Rickie Weeks.

At the moment Weeks hot hurt the Brewers were 1/2 game out of first, since then: one extra inning loss and a whole lot of wins...and now a 5 game lead.

Obviously Weeks was the problem.

Save me your stats. .272/.346/.478 with 19 HR's and 71 runs is easily replaceable when you have guys like Felipe Lopez and Josh Wilson and Jerry Hairston Jr. Honestly I have no idea why Ron Roenicke wasn't playing these guys ahead of Weeks, he was obviously holding this team down. Ok Lopez and Hairston weren't on the team before Weeks went down, but Melvin should have known this earlier. That's why he's the best in the business.

Sorry Rickie, I know you were an all star this year but maybe the Brewers would be better off if your injury would linger sometime into November then they can trade you for another journeyman infielder or maybe just a boatload of cash.

I know a player shouldn't lose his job due to injury but sometimes it happens. Tom Brady wouldn't have 3 Super Bowl wins if Drew Bledsoe didn't get hurt. This is one of those rare cases. You can't argue the results the triumvirate of Lopez/Hairston/Wilson has achieved.

Good luck with the Buffalo Bills Rickie.

*if you made it this far thinking this is serious leave your name below and I will ridicule you mercilessly*

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