Thursday, July 14, 2011

Around the Infield Episode 2

Scene: our trusty gang of infielders gathers for an All-Star party.

Thanks for hosting the party at your place Craig, sweet taco dip

No problem Casey, glad to have you guys over.

Yeah sweet spread bro.

Agreed, thanks Craig

Who are you?? Get out of my home!!

Geez, come on we just had this discussion

My bad. In my defense you're kind of forgettable

Thanks pal.

Ok guys let's just relax and watch the game, we got a couple teammates starting.

AKA the rest of our infield


*Rickie leads off*

Come on let's get a "LET'S GO RICKIE" chant started

There's 4 of us, be quiet.

you're no fun

*Prince bats*


Who invited this kid??

*Rickie bats again*

shut up Josh!!


*Prince 3 run home run*


That was pretty sweet

*we fast forward through the rest of the game*

Heath Bell has no respect for the grass, replace your divot!!

Brian Wilson has a sweet beard, you could hide a Counsell in there

Who are you again??

Congrats to Prince for MVP, I'm going to bed.

What?? This isn't a sleepover!!

I got my jammies on already, nite nite.

That'll teach you to invite the new kid.

OK the noob is off somewhere sleeping, we'll find him later, what should we do the rest of the night??



*Brewers trade for K-Rod announced*

uh oh


Bad news for us

Why is that??

Because they are serious about winning, they upgraded the bullpen guess who's next on the list??

uh oh

Yeah you guys should be nervous, as an experienced backup I'm safe, but you guys should be nervous.

Did I mention I have World Series experience and you guys don't??

die old man

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