Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Does Counsell need to go??

I hate writing this. I love Craig Counsell. Everyone loves Craig Counsell, and not just Brewers fans. The cheer from the Diamondbacks fans was impressive over the radio call.

He had the walk-off sac fly in a game I was totally at but aside from that he has been horrible.

Again, this is painful for me.

He'll be 41 next month.

Remember the last time he had a hit?? It was June 10th. That would be 33 official AB's ago and 40 days ago.

Obviously the value of Counsell isn't necessarily being Mr. Offense. On the other hand, if you've been here before you probably know I love looking at the numbers so let's take a deeper look.

(numbers before Tuesday's game so they'll go south a bit)

First the basic numbers: .161/.261/.202 (yeah .202 slugging) Three extra base hits in 123 AB's.

It gets uglier.

Bases empty has been his best situation. .197

Man on base?? .105


Man in scoring position?? .143

Advanced stats??

oh boy, buckle up.

WAR -0.7 (first negative number since 1999) RAR -6 (first negative number since 1999)

ok how about individual games, since the 3 hit game against St. Louis?? WPA numbers: 17 negatives, 2 zeros, a .015 (HBP), a .040 (walk and a run), and a .163 (the walkoff sac fly) linkage

any other year I would have no problem letting him play out the season but it's all or nothing this year, Counsell might have to go.

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