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Your guide to the stretch run part 2, Cincinnati

With a little over 2 months left in the season the NL Central appears to be headed for a four team race. Here is your handy cheat sheet for the teams and their corresponding cities. You decide who has the advantage.  Up next Cincinnati.

 Part 1, Pittsburg(h)

Cincinnati Reds
  • Original name was Red Stockings.
    • I'd rather be the Alleghenys
  • They kinda won the 1919 World Series.  
  • Baseball's first professional team
    • Won first game 45-9 
  • Went 57-0 in their first season
    • Well they were the only pro team
  • The competition stepped up in 1870 when they actually lost a game to the Brooklyn Atlantics
    • And I thought Alleghenys was a stupid name
  • Folded after the 1870 season because of financial difficulties 
    • See what can happen Yankees!!
  • Re-formed in 1876 and joined the National League
    • Kicked out of the National League in 1882 for selling beer during games and playing on Sundays
      • Heathens!!
  •  Reinstated to the NL in 1890
    • Bud Selig would have never allowed such nonsense
    • Also changed their name from Red Stockings to Reds
      • Commies!!
  • Played the first ever night game on May 24, 1935 against the Phillies
    • They are the spoiled first child of MLB
  • Played the first televised game on August 26, 1939 against the Dodgers on NBC
    • Joe Morgan provided color commentary, the real cause of World War II
      • Joe Morgan is also a Communist, or so I've heard
  • Joe Nuxhall joined the Reds in 1944 at age 15
    • Shouldn't he have been fighting in the war??
      • You know for the Red Army
        •  Don't let Stalin down
  • Used to play in Riverfront Stadium
    • Hank Aaron hit the first home run there
    • First stadium to be covered entirely by Astroturf
      • Great idea!!!
    • Held Jevoha's Witnesses conventions in 1971, 1974, and 1978
      • Fun!!!
    • Held Promise Keepers meeting in 1997
      • Looks like a God and bros club 
        • Former Colorado football coach Bill McCartney is the founder!!
          • I thought Boulder was supposed  to be liberal
            • I've gotten too far off topic
Yep that's a river all right, clever name. 
Way better than Alleghenys.
    •  Imploded in 2002
 Fun facts about Cincinnati
  •  Not located in Cleveland
    • +1
  • 1835 First bag of airmail lifted by a hot air balloon
    • How practical!!
  • 1902 First concrete skyscraper built in the U.S. The Ingalls Building
  • Birthplace of Sons of Daniel Boone that later turned into the Boy Scouts of America
  • 1952 First heart-lung machine makes open heart surgery possible. Developed at Children's Hospital Medical Center.
    • Can't really make fun of that
  • 1993 most livable city 
  • 7th most romantic city in the US 
    • Screw you Alexandria, VA!!
  • Jerry Springer  was once mayor
    • How embarassing
    • Don't pay hookers with a check!!

      • Governor??
    • Famous people from Cincinnati that didn't write a check to a hooker (that we know of)
      • Speaker of the House John Boehner
        • Boner
      • John Gilligan
      • Sam Malone
      • William Howard Taft
        • He was like President or something, I don't remember his term
      • Charles Keating
      • Ted Turner
      • Tony Snow
        • Bush cronie, ew
      • Ray Combs
        • Former Family Feud host, haven't heard much from him lately
      • Carmen Electra
        • What is she famous for??
      •  Doris Day
        • 87 year old actress/singer
      • Phyllis Diller
        • 94 year old comedienne
          • is there something in the water??
      • Annie Oakley
      • Sarah Jessica Parker
        • Meet Annie Oakley....please
      • Hal Sparks
        • I don't watch VH1 anymore, is he still alive??
      • Katt Williams
        • Midget comedian
      • Steven Spielberg
        • Movie dude right??
      • Nipsey Russell
        • Dead "comedian"
      • Adrian Belew

    This guy??
      •  Rich Franklin
        • bad ass
      • Heather Mitts 
    Yeah her
      • Brian Pillman
        • Dead wrestler
      •  The whole cast of WKRP in Cincinnati

     Next up St Louis

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