Monday, July 25, 2011

Your guide to the stretch run, part 1 Pittsburg(h)

With a little over 2 months left in the season the NL Central appears to be headed for a four team race. Here is your handy cheat sheet for the teams and their corresponding cities. You decide who has the advantage.  First we look at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Loveable America's darlings
  • Last time they were relevant I didn't have a driver's license yet (19 years ago)
  • Had the first home run in World Series history (Jimmy Sebring)
  • Lost the first World Series in 1903 setting the stage for the next 108 years
    • Won the World Series in 1909 1925 1960 1971 and 1979
      • There was no steroid testing in 1909 1925 1960 1971 and 1979
  • Original name was the Alleghenys
    • Alleghenys is a stupid name
  • Naming a stadium after rivers is much more awesome
    • Three Rivers Stadium imploded in 2001, I suspect it was an inside job
  • Chris Snyder's wife got attacked by a wacko on a scooter
    • Chris Snyder's wife is hot
      • Chris Snyder is on the 60-day DL
        • Chris Snyder is in fact on the Pirates (who knew??)
  • Aubrey Epps had a career .750 average and 2.000 OPS (way to go out on top)
  • Honus Wagner was in the first Hall of Fame class in 1936
    • The others were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson...who??
    • Honus Wagner is still more known for his baseball card 
  • In 1909 the first baseball stadium, Forbes Field, was built in Pittsburgh, followed soon by similar stadiums in Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and New York.  
    • 3 of those teams have been in a World Series since then, the other one is the Cubs....check that it was Comiskey not Wrigley they all have
Fun facts about Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh ranked in the top five Most Livable Cities in the 1983, 1989 and 1985 editions of the "Places Rated Almanac."
    • I'll take your word for that, those were down years
  • Pittsburgh was renamed Pittsburg in 1891, but after 20 years of protest, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names relented and the "h" was restored. 
    • whew
  • The Smiley :-) was the first Internet emoticon, created by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist Scott Fahlman.  
    • :-p
  • A Pittsburgh city councilman during the first World War, Robert Garland devised the nation's first daylight savings plan, instituted in 1918.  
    • still messing with our sleep twice a year 93 years later
  • First Banana Split - 1904
    Invented by Dr. David Strickler, a pharmacist, at Strickler's Drug Store in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  
    • Banana Splits and Rolling Rock for everyone!!
      • not quite Pittsburgh but close enough
  • In a 2011 ranking of 277 metropolitan areas in the United States, the American Lung Association ranked the Pittsburgh metropolitan area as having the third-worst pollution by short-term particle pollution, as well as the seventh-worst pollution by year-round particle pollution and the 24th-worst ozone pollution
    • yay pollution!!
  • Famous people from Pittsburgh
    • Beano Cook (!!)
    • Jay Mariotti (ew)
    • Dennis Miller
    • Jenna Morasca (hottie from Survivor)
    • Bret Michaels
    • Christina Aguilera (I thought she was hispanic??)
    • Perry Como (old)
    • Coolio (older)
    • Wiz Khalifa (rapper...ok)
    • Gene Kelly (dead guy)
    • Andy Warhol (also dead)
    • Sid Bream (bahahahahahahaha...sorry Pittsburgh)
    • Josh Wilson (ugh)
    • Ken Macha (DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE)
    • Mark Cuban
    • Kurt Angle
    • A whole ton of football players (I don't have enough time)
    • Billy Mays (dead guy)

Next up Cincinnati, I'm excited for that one.

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